Liberals Betray Workers With Back-To-Work Legislation


 OTTAWA – Today, the Liberals tabled back-to-work legislation for Canada’s Postal Workers. This is yet another move by the government that undermines the likelihood of obtaining a negotiated settlement and a voluntary end to job action by Canada Post workers.

“The government signalled early on that they would come down on the side of the company, poisoning the well and undermining the collective bargaining process,” said NDP MP Daniel Blaikie (Elmwood-Transcona). “Bargaining is not fair, and the company has no incentive to settle, when they know the government will bring down the hammer on their side.”

When Canada Post targeted their sick and vulnerable employees, the government stood silent. Blaikie’s call for a fact-finding hearing at committee, was quashed by Liberal committee members. Only two weeks into the strike, they signalled their willingness to legislate postal workers back to work.

“Reliable postal services are important to Canadians and Canadian businesses and postal workers want to provide it,” said Blaikie. “But it is fair for them to expect they can do that without mandated overtime that is hurting their family life and an injury rate that is five times higher than the average federally regulated workplace.”

The NDP will continue to defend postal workers and the basic principle of free and fair collective bargaining that underpin the Canadian Labour movement.

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