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Daniel is a regular contributor to the Transcona Views.


BIZ Launches Downtown Transcona Study - p.20 - July 2018 

"Transcona’s downtown is an important part of our community. It is a gathering place for community events, as well as an important source of convenience with a number of businesses offering goods and services we would otherwise have to drive to Kildonan Place or further to find..."

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Going “Whole Hog” to Save the Concordia ER - p.22 - June 2018

"After a year of stress and anxiety on the part of residents and hospital staff, we are no closer to understanding the Pallister government’s plan to close the Concordia Emergency Room. In fact, we are no closer to knowing whether they really have any plan at all..."

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What’s happening with the healthcare changes? - p.20 - March 2018

"People in Transcona and the wider area deserve to know exactly what is happening to the health services in our area.

I will continue to be a vocal critic of any so-called “changes” that are really just code for cuts to health services in northeast Winnipeg. Nevertheless, I reached out to Kelvin Goertzen, Manitoba’s Minister of Health, in a less partisan tone to try and get some clarity for people in our community about how the changes will proceed..."

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It’s Time for Universal Pharmacare! - p.22 - December 2017

"The NDP’s founding leader Tommy Douglas once dreamed of a universal, public, and comprehensive health care system for all Canadians. In its first phase, medicare would relieve families of the cost of hospitalization and physicians’ fees. In its second phase, prescription drugs would be publicly insured to guarantee universal access..."

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Action needed to protect our fresh water! - p.18 - November 2017

"No matter where we live, Manitobans understand what a fantastic resource our many waterways are for recreation, drinking water, fisheries and our environment. In 2015, the Liberals promised to protect Canada’s watersheds, including the Lake Winnipeg Basin, and to “…. treat our freshwater as a precious resource that deserves protection and careful stewardship”..."

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Conservative ER plan isn’t “Just Peachey” - p.18 - August 2017

"As the 2018 closure of the Concordia ER approaches, the hope that northeast Winnipeg’s local Conservatives might choose to defend our community over their party, is beginning to dwindle. They are doubling down on the government’s sales pitch here at home, instead of taking our message to Broadway..."

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Parliamentary Power Grab - p.18 - May 2017

"This Spring, the Liberals made another attempt at grabbing power in Parliament. At press time, it is still unclear whether the attempt will be successful. The main issue is that the Liberals say they want to change the rules of Parliament itself, but will not promise to move ahead only on reforms that have multiparty support..."

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How We Pay for Infrastructure - p.17 - January 2017

"Infrastructure spending was a central theme of the last federal election. The Liberals’ promise to borrow while interest rates are low and build more public infrastructure was a key part of their platform and major selling point of their campaign. As the Liberal government begins to reveal the details of their plan, however, it looks like Canadians are going to get a lot more than they bargained for..."

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WELL . . . IT HAPPENED. - p.24 - December 2016

"I am writing on November 9th, 2016; the day after the US election that named Donald Trump as leader of the free world.

At the moment, it looks as though Hilary Clinton will have won the popular vote by over 200,000 votes, but Trump will have secured enough votes in the Electoral College for the win..."

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HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - p.16 - October 2016

"Having a place to call home is something many, but not all, of us are fortunate to be able to take for granted. Imagine trying to find a job, make a health insurance claim, or even just get a good night’s sleep without your own place to come home to at the end of the day..."

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REPORT FROM PARLIAMENT - p.20 - August 2016

"Last month marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. This anniversary is an opportunity to reflect upon the potential of modern warfare to wreak massive amounts of death and destruction in a very short period of time. The British Army suffered almost 60,000 casualties in the first day of the battle alone. In the last one hundred years, advances in military technology have made it possible to do even more damage, even more quickly..."

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Tax Break for Middle Class Canadians - p.24 - May 2016

"What does a tax break do for middle-class Canadians if they lose their job?

This question, I believe, is the question we have to ask if we genuinely want to restore Canada’s middle class. The new Liberal tax cut, which doesn’t benefit the median Canadian earner, doesn’t answer this question..."

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From your Member of Parliament – p.5 - December 2015

"Thank you to the voters of ElmwoodTranscona. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Member of Parliament.

The recent federal election was notable not only for its length – 78 days – but also the level of interest it generated here at home, and right across the country. Voter turnout in Canada went up from around 62% in 2011, to 68% in 2015. In Elmwood-Transcona, the increase was even larger, going from 57% in 2011, to 66% this year..."

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