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Northeast Winnipeg needs more child care - May 2018

"Many families, whether they are single or two-parent families, struggle to afford child care. Even for those who can afford child care, finding a space close to home or work can be a serious challenge.

Families in Elmwood–Transcona certainly feel that pinch. Unfortunately, little progress has been made in our corner of the city in recent years..."

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Local health care at top of mind - April 2018

"It is impossible to talk about health care in northeast Winnipeg today without the conversation immediately turning to the cloud that is hanging over our Concordia ER.

The ER’s closure has been delayed indefinitely, possibly until spring 2019, after the provincial government’s Wait Times Task Force warned ER closures were happening too fast and without the proper supports..."

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Standing up for national Pharmacare plan - March 2018

"Recently, the federal Liberals unveiled their 2018 budget.

While some items have generated a lot of discussion, it remains to be seen how much action will follow. Take the government’s Pharmacare budget announcement as an example.

The high cost of prescription drugs is a pressing issue for people in northeast Winnipeg. In February, I held a telephone town hall with the people of Elmwood-Transcona. Over 5,000 people were on the call and 35 per cent of those who participated in a straw poll said they or a family member had not filled, renewed or taken as prescribed, a prescription due to cost..."

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Time to start building at Park Manor - February 2018

"Experiencing a decline in health of oneself, a family member or a close friend is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Many times, moving into a personal care home becomes part of that journey.

During such transitions, families often feel vulnerable and stressed out. They want the resources and services they need to be available close to home, with as little administrative headache as possible..."

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Payroll system causing pain for public servants - December 2017

"Can you imagine going into work day after day not knowing when you’ll be paid, or how much?

As unlikely as it sounds, this is the situation facing tens of thousands of Canada’s public servants, many of whom live right here in northeast Winnipeg.

This payroll disaster is a result of the government’s ill-fated Phoenix Pay System. It was conceived by the previous government then rushed into implementation by the current government, despite warnings that it was not ready..."

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Big changes, bright future for Sam's Place - December 2017

"I was excited to get a sneak peak at the renovations underway at Sam’s Place, Elmwood’s favourite bookstore-café-music venue. The premises at 159 Henderson Hwy. are getting a major makeover.

The changes will enhance their successful program for developing the employment skills of local youth and make it an even better place to go for "Coffee, Culture, Conversation." A grand reopening is scheduled for some time in January 2018, and I can hardly wait!..."

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Park Manor still looking for funding - September 2017

"In September, I was pleased to join residents, staff, volunteers and families to celebrate Park Manor Care’s 50th anniversary.

Throughout the years, Park Manor has cared for so many of our friends and family and has become an essential part of our community..."

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Taking a closer look at Peachy report - July 2017

"As the 2018 closure of the Concordia ER approaches, the government is doubling down on its sales pitch here at home, instead of taking locals’ message to Broadway.

In so doing, the government is quick to refer to Dr. David Peachey’s report, which was commissioned by the previous government to find new solutions to old problems in Manitoba’s health system. Nobody will deny there are things we need to do better when it comes to health care, but that does not mean every idea for reform is a good one..."

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Cuts to health care in N.E. Winnipeg continue - April 2017

"The provincial budget presented last week continued the Progressive Conservative government’s cuts to health services in northeast Winnipeg.

After announcing they will close the Concordia Hospital emergency room, the PCs did not include the expansion of Park Manor Personal Care Home in the budget..."

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Erosion problems in Elmwood-Transcona - December 2016

"Winnipeggers who live along the city’s many riverbanks are all too familiar with the problem of erosion.

Riverbank stabilization work is needed for residents to decrease their loss of property and increase their peace of mind. Some residents can afford to do that work themselves, but others, unfortunately, cannot..."

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Affordable Housing investment's imperative - September 2016

"Having a place to call home is something many — but not all — of us are fortunate to be able to take for granted. Imagine trying to find a job, make a health insurance claim, or even just get a good night’s sleep without your own place to come home to at the end of the day..."

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